When re-roofing your home, be sure the the eight pillars are met to ensure your house is protected for years to come.

  1. After the old material is removed, inspect wood for water damage. Wood will be discolored, and or mushy. Also be sure to re-nail any wood that has come loose.
  2. Install drip edge to the edges of the roof. This is added protection from water and helps move it off he roof.
  3. Install quality ice and water shield along heated edges for extra protection from ice dams and the cold New England winters. Ice water should also be used around roof openings and chimneys.
  4. Install quality underlayment where ice and water shield is not installed. This water resistant material adds a barrier of protection to your roof.
  5. Flash around openings/chimney and use new pipe boots for pipe extrusions.
  6. Re-lead chimney if lead is worn.
  7. Install a quality ridge vent at the peak of your roof. This ventilates your house and lets humidity and heat from your attic. Be sure the peak is open enough for proper installation.
  8. Install a quality shingle. Be sure you nail 6 nails per shingle to ensure a hurricane strength installation.